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There’s something magic about taking off all those layers of clothing and feeling things in the summer. And I mean really feeling. We’ve just returned from a week in Sicily and while we were there I felt like my senses were trying to capture everything and soak it up. The best I could do was take photos to try and help remember those moments, and to give in to all the senses as they were overwhelmed in the best way possible.

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The food market in Syracuse might be my favourite food market of all time. In the middle of the street we bought oysters with a glass of fizz for a real taste (literally!) of Sicily. How perfect is that! There are also food trucks dotted around the rest of Sicily at the sides of roads, filled with delicious looking fruits.

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We visited lots of towns near the sea, and the place where we stayed was right next to it, so there wasn’t much time when we couldn’t hear the water whispering. When we got back it was almost too quiet without the sound! I like to think this couple are listening to the sea. Can you hear it too?

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We love to visit cities like Noto, filled with magical Baroque architecture. Most of the buildings are built from the same time of stone, so at sunset they all “glow” the same colour.

But we also like smaller places. This tiny square reminded us of the square in the film “Cinema Paradiso” which we had watched just the week before. It was the film Tom and I watched on our first date oh so many years ago…


There is no way to capture the feeling of walking down partially shaded streets on the way to swim in the sea, or the feeling of walking into the cool water to escape the heat of the day!


These tomatoes

and the salt and sun in the air.

And of course now I want to go back! Because I need to make more memories. My senses are calling me…


These images were all shot on a Contax 645 with either Portra 160 and 400. They were processed and scanned by the very lovely people at the Canadian Film Lab.


  1. Such a gorgeous set of photographs! I LOVE the idea of using photographs to convey the senses. So good! I need to go to Sicily! 🙂

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