Summer At Last

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Friends, it has been a very long winter. Washington state saw record rainfall this season, and you know, we are sorta known for our rain fall, but this winter/spring had me wondering on more than a few days if there was actually blue sky up there anymore. It was grey and damp, and even the life-long PNWers were getting antsy with it all. Then, the clouds parted and the !SUN! The sun came out and all I wanted to do was start rattling off the lyrics to Fresh Prince’s “Summer Time” (I have them pretty well memorized, should you ever want to have a rap off with me…). And if that wasn’t nostalgic enough, I busted out my instax (because what is old is new again, right?) as the kids splashed and played and soaked up all that lovely blue sky and warmth. I love the snapshots I captured of the backyard shenanigans on that first hot weekend in Tacoma, Washington and I sure hope you do too!

Keep Chasing that light, Vanessa


    • thanks Michelle! my favorite part of these and using my instax is that they are usually snapshots, I like not fretting over the quality – the moment and energy are what get to shine through and that’s exactly what summer is all about to me!

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