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Hello there and Happy Summer! Today I am posting some instant fun from a recent vacation to Asheville, North Carolina. I visited there the end of June with my husband and daughters. In figuring out which cameras to bring on the trip ( always a source of profound anxiety, amirite?) I remembered hearing about and swooning over Fujifilm’s newer instax the Mini 90. A few short moments later on Amazon ( I could title so many beginning sentences this way) my cart was happy with the camera, a fun strap, and lots and lots of instax color film, and 2 rolls of black and white. I figured I deserved a new camera treat for surviving another school year with my kids…. add to that Fujifilm had two new features on this camera that I was jonesing for. 1.) NO Flash mode ( reason enough for the purchase)  2.) Double Exposure !! While double exposure is always a risk with film, it’s one that I wholeheartedly am willing to take every time. Fujifilm Instax team? I heart you big.

When the camera arrived like 4 minutes later ( I mean c’mon Amazon…how? ) I was instantly smitten. The camera is so cute, so light, so compact. I had also purchased an old fashion paper scrapbook, and a pack of new markers. I told the kids that this would be our summer adventure journal and we could fill it up with instant pics, memorabilia, stickers, and drawings. Let me just say, this was a really good investement- my kids loooove adding their words and art to the book and we’ve been pasting pics in almost daily. It feels like 1991 and I’m doodling in my Lisa Frank scrapbook.  My analog crafty heart is happy.

Below are just a few favorites. Perhaps when I get to the end of the summer I can share all of the faves. Summer is the best, right? I’m happy to say that I am joining the Viewfinders full time starting in August, and I am super jazzed about it! I’m thankful to have this opportunity to flex and spread my wings creatively. Here’s to lots more summer memories!

Play every day,


Flash woud have ruined this picture
Hooray for hair matching murals and life affirming slogans
This is why double exposures rock
These three are strange and creepy and ghosty but I really like the effect.


This is so much the two of them. I just adore this photo.


  1. Such fun pics and I love any camera that is light (mine is NOT!) + arrives within minutes from Amazon! Win-Win! So happy to have you here Audrey. xoxo Deb

  2. such a playful post…love the photos and your idea to journal it all with your girls this summer…and so glad to have you here!

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