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California Academy of Science

Lately I have been finding myself struggling to find the inspiration to photograph at home —— the tiny, everyday moments, or portraits of my boys when the light is beautiful —— I simply don’t have the urge to reach for my camera when I am around the house.

The other day I walked up the stairs and noticed my son in his bedroom, the golden hour sun was hitting him perfectly as he stood admiring something on his dresser.  I imagined grabbing my camera, asking him to sit in the light for a quick portrait.  I could see so many possibilities —— perhaps half of his face in the light the other hidden by shadow.  Or maybe a tight shot of his eyelashes.  I haven’t photographed his eyelashes in so long.  The entire thought process lasted a second, maybe two, but then I shrugged and moved on.   Just didn’t feel like it.

I’m not necessarily concerned about it —— I think inspiration can and should have a tide or season, just like in nature.  Noticing it feels right, but attaching too much angst doesn’t seem particularly useful.  A season or two of dormancy, there’s nothing wrong with that.  The fact that I spent those few seconds noticing the light and composing the shot, that alone is signaling to me that I’m gearing up to deepen my everyday practice again.  The new monthly theme “Home” here at Viewfinders is aptly timed.

But in the meantime, the most meaningful work I have to share —— the things that are inspiring me to shoot —— are travel and color. In my last post I shared a few favorite photographs full of color from our travel to Italy in June.  Europe wasn’t our only trip this summer. There was also Montana, San Francisco and Santa Barbara.  Yep, we’ve hit the road often, and with each trip I have found myself excited to capture color.  Here are a few favorites from San Francisco.

California Academy of Science
Blending in with Joan Mitchell at SF MOMA
Stride by in front of Dan Flavin’s neon
Playing around in Jack Kerouac Alley
Fidget spinners in Chinatown

xoxo Deb


  1. Beautiful Deb. I find this tide and flow happen as well.
    I bet when the rhythm of autumn settles in you will shift a bit agin… I tend to at least 💕

  2. sometimes taking seems more cumbersome than anything else… until inspiration strikes!! love all this color!! and love your boys both spinning those gadget spinners. nate has already gone through at least two!

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