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I have a strange obsession with the Eastern Shores of Virginia And Maryland. I have been traveling to Chincoteague Virginia for about ten years now, and my love for this strange little slice of America continues to grow. It’s where farmland and ocean meet and become one; where the cacophony of seagulls and crows together with marshy frog songs make for an odd yet inviting soundtrack. A drive from Salisbury, MD to Cape Charles VA down Route 13 and you are transported here. Beach and Bay towns like Chincoteague, Cape Charles and Smith Island are the pride and joy of this area. My family and I continually say that Chincoteague is the place that time forgot. I have so many pictures of Chincoteague through the years that we’ve been coming. So many people come to see the ponies and realize there is so much more. That’s what happened with us. To me Chincoteague has become a coming home place. Below are a few images from my most recent travels here.


The view from our deck.
Panorama of the marsh and ponies grazing on the way back from the beach.








  1. Thank you for taking me back there with your beautiful photos. It is such an odd and wonderful place, and oh no! The Viking is down!!! Is the shop still open?

    • The shop was not open when I was there, but it was a Wednesday? I think she may open on the weekend, or whenever she wants. πŸ™‚ I was so so sad to see the viking down, but of course he was salvaged by the sea witch.

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