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We spend a lot of time at the Minnesota Zoo. A lot. We’re talking nearly once a week through most of the school year with a bit of a break for the summer. We’ll just say that our zoo membership has definitely paid for itself. I always bring my camera. Always.

It’s not a huge zoo, so we often end up seeing the same things over and over again. Which means that I often end up taking the same kind of photos over and over again. Sure, there’s some variation, and I could (and probably should) push myself to really make a fresh set of photos the next few times that we go, but by and large, I have a lot of very similar photos.

You know, though, I kind of love them. Time after time of sprinting in front of the aquarium, of peering into the enclosures of various critters, of the enormity of the Kamchatka grizzly bears and the playfulness of the sharks and rays. And I love to see my kids grow larger and braver, to see their personalities come out more and more as they encounter this part of the world in a way that we’re able to do right now. Someday, someday we’ll go on some crazy adventures. Someday we’ll see some of these animals and the places where they really live. We’ve got plans πŸ™‚

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  1. These are fantastic! I have such fond memories of taking our kiddos to the Science Museum every week. And I love your plans.

  2. You won’t be sorry for having these. It matters so much less that you push yourself to do something different photographically than that you are with them there, and witnessing their tiny changes just as they are. xo

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