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click here Definition:  Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or inquiry that features unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places. antibiotic metronidazole OTC Definition:  Simply put, street photography is about documenting everyday life and society. azithromycin buy now Definition:  In a world saturated with information and weighed down by monotony, it’s the moments of tranquility, individuality and emotion that stand out. It’s these moments that are now the target of the street photographer.

Definition:  Everyone’s free to have their own definition of “street photography.” There is no God-given definition or official council that can dictate what is and what isn’t street photography.

And so the debate on what is “real” street photography will continue:  Is it street photography if it’s not shot on the street?  Is it street photography if it contains no people?  I’m sure we’re not going to find the perfect answer, but let’s see what the ViewFinders community shared with us last month:












September starts a new theme, and a new period in many of our lives.  Summer is winding down, vacations are over, school is starting, and signs of autumn are appearing.  The new theme for this month is HOME.  What does home mean to you?  Is it your house, your street, your town?  The people you love?  The sense of peace you feel when you are truly home?  Share your images with us on Instagram and don’t forget to tag them #home and #viewfindersio.

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