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How many images do you have on your phone? Right now, I have exactly 543. And that’s just since July 10th. I know because that’s the day I activated my new phone and started taking pictures. So far I have been really impressed with my new phone. I wanted to get a phone that was ready for 5G and, because I like to use my phone to stream TV shows and movies from streaming platforms like HBO Max, I also wanted a wireless service with unlimited data. I actually only made the decision about which phone to buy a few weeks ago.

I spent such a long time looking through different contracts until a friend of mine told me to try this website. I have used AT&T unlimited plans in the past and they have never let me down, so straight away I knew that I was going to get a good deal. To be honest, I have been really impressed with my phone service so far. The internet is very fast, and I have not encountered any issues when streaming so that can only be a good sign.

Anyway when I am not busy using my phone to watch TV, I use my phone camera for all kinds of things: visual references, a place to stockpile ideas for later, a snapshot of a recipe or the grocery list. I take quick photos as I’m scouting locations:

and I grab images of my kids playing around:

Sometimes I even shoot with intention, noticing something about the surroundings or the quality of light that struck me as beautiful:

But really- I’ve probably only shared 20 of them over the course of the last few months. Why is that? I guess I still don’t really take my phone seriously, even though intuitively I know the camera in my Google Pixel is top notch. I rarely treat the images with as much care and attention as I give the photos taken with my SLR, maybe here and there popping them into Snapseed to make a few edits. So, as an ode to all the mobile shooters out there, I finally took the plunge and plugged the cord into my computer. I imported the library of images into Lightroom for the first time ever. And wouldn’t you know it? There were quite a few gems that had been neglected, waiting patiently to be given some love and recognition. And now, I don’t know why I waited so long to do it.

No more neglected photos – Angie


  1. Love this! And you really do not want to know how many inages currently I have on my phone!!!!

    • Oh, but I do want to know how many! Confession: when I unloaded my old phone of it’s photos, there were more than 5K…. yikes!

  2. I have a Pixel too! Although I think that your pics are better than mine hahaha! I completely agree with your post. Most of my cell phone shots are neglected. I am so happy that you chose to write a post on this.

  3. Great reminder to share! I never shoot on my phone but I love your images, amazing!

  4. Fellow pixel-er, and fellow phone photo neglect-er. I got a recent pack of chatbooks and realized that I had been skipping a lot of “stuff” and events with my phone. Need to get back on the horse with that one!

  5. These are so great and this is an amazing challenge. We need to be doing this! You’re awesome!

  6. My phone pictures are severely depressing after seeing yours! What a great philosophy! And, such great images!

  7. Such a good reminder! I’m definitely neglecting all the images on my phone and don’t take my phone camera serious. Thank you for this post!! πŸ’—

  8. Love this blog, I am like you take lots of pics of my kids, nature, recipes, ideas for photo session on and on. I did start 2 years ago creating books with my cell pice of things I have taken with our family thought the year, great family Christmas gift.
    You have some amazing images!

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