Summer is not over yet

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#summerisnotoveryet is the hashtag I’ve been using all summer on social media. Because last weekend it was 110F here in Northern California. Because I’ve one of the most amazing summers in a long time. And, mostly, because I don’t want it to end.

We planned so many trips. 

And went on so many adventures.

We sat in the sun and drank wine.

We napped in the summer breeze.

We got wet and then dried up again.

Believe it or not, we were happy all summer long.

And, again, I shot all film all summer long, like I did last year. This time it felt more like an urge rather than a necessity. I believe it made this summer even more special. Hoping summer is not over for you yet either,



  1. This set of photographs is so wonderful. I really love that first one! The colors on these are just so lovely! Is this all the same film stock?

  2. ahhhhh. can we make it last forever? these pictures make me wish we could! SO, so beautiful!

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