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There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…

September’s ViewFinders theme was HOME, and many of you shared images of what home means to you.  Home can be a specific place, a feeling, an elusive scent in the air, a beloved person. Here’s what you shared with us last month:











Starting in November we’re going to retire the monthly themes and try something new — we’d like to give our followers a chance to be a guest blogger here on ViewFinders.  We regularly feature guests who we know, but we want to expand that opportunity to those of you who we may not be aware of.  We want you to be our guest.

If you’re interested in being a guest blogger, post your best images on Instagram and tag them #viewfindersio_beourguest.  Or, for those of you who may not be on Instagram, leave a comment below with a link to your images, wherever you post them — on flickr, a website, social media sites, or a blog.  We will choose a guest blogger each month.  We hope that it’s you!

See you soon.


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