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I’m finding myself turning to a blank page in my journal to start fresh on something that’s been brewing in my mind for quite a while: my photography bucket list. Sure, the list is going to be full of amazing places, some of the best sights this big world has to offer, maybe using (let’s be honest, acquiring) some incredible and possibly frivolous gear, and meeting and shooting with interesting and inspiring people. But, I mean, if we’re dreaming here, I’m going to do my darnedest to dream really big.

I haven’t actually gotten out my pen yet for this list, but I’ve also been thinking about what kind of an end goal there is with this thing. Is it to pack away these experiences and photos into my treasure chest of knowledge and pixels? I think that my hope would be that checking off these kind of things would bring some really valuable knowledge. Not only in just doing them, but also in figuring out how to go after them and make them happen.

So, what am I waiting for? Why do I sit here a little afraid to actually put my biggest, craziest dreams and goals out there? Maybe I’ll get one to happen and fall on my face. Maybe I’ll work and work and work to make something a reality and it won’t happen. Maybe I’ll put it out there and those who I may need help from won’t be willing. And, you know? That could, and probably will, all happen. But, I can’t, I cannot let that fear make me hesitate.

So, I’m going to suck it up, tell that fear that I’ve just got no time for it, and make that list. And then, then comes the even more exciting part. I’m going to start making that stuff happen – I’m going to start getting those boxes checked off.

What’s on your photography bucket list? What kind of really big ticket items do you have, and what are you doing to make them happen? I would love, love to see and hear about your lists!

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