Inner Calm

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I am always inspired by my friend Shawna Lemay and her blog Transactions with Beauty. I read it often and  indulge in her wonderful photography. Even though I don’t have time to comment much, it simply is a delightful read when I do eventually sit down to read something that is not work related.

A few posts ago she chatted about 20 ways to find some inner calm. She herself had been inspired by someone else to write about what she knew about calm up to this moment. I read these twenty techniques and they all seemed extremely difficult to do at the same time, so I have chosen to concentrate on a few that I know will make my life so much easier or, at the very least, less stressful.

Shawna encourages us to breathe and listen.

To go find the light.

To look for and try to find love.

To start your morning the way you’d like your day to behave.

And to finish it by forgetting the blunders.

To share the beauty you find with others.

And my favorite one: don’t complain about the weather!

How do you soothe your soul? Do Shawna’s ideas inspire you too? If they do, read the whole post here; you won’t regret it.



  1. so lovely, Maite! and I find myself drawn to Shawna’s blog too, whenever I need a moment of calm and beauty.

  2. So very good! I love it all and I’l certainly be reading the post. Thanks for the recommendation.

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