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“There is more beauty than our eyes can bear, precious things have been put into our hands and to do nothing to honor them is to do great harm.” – Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson

I don’t know how I missed it all those years. After all, it happens everyday. It took someone else to show me, to open my eyes to it. Now I can’t help but see it. Then I was amazed at the foolishness of such beauty being wasted on indifferent eyes.
I’m talking about those moments every day when the sun peeks out from, and then sinks back into the distant horizon. Or, more accurately,  when we, on this little blue ball, swing around to behold the sun then swing away from its golden glow. Ever since I watched that sunset with my friend many years ago, and listened to her marvel at its beauty, I have not stopped being in awe. At first it all seemed so ordinary, but then, I saw it – the sheer lavishness of it all.

The way the sky glows with a vast array of colors…

The way the rays of the sun fall on every available surface in its path, transforming the ordinary…
The way the soft light finds its way in, filtering through and spilling in…
The way the horizon invites you to take a moment, pause and soak it all in.
Eyes Wide Open,


  1. Your post reminded me to never take for granted the gifts our earth presents us with daily. Lovely photos!

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