Play with your food

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I had the pleasure of attending a food styling workshop a few days ago and I discovered something I’d forgotten: it’s fun to play with food. It had been far too long since I set up a tablescape and intentionally spent time adding and taking away objects, looking at different angles, enjoying the process of trying something different and new.It was especially fun to experiment with a wide array of materials, along with willing participants to help set the scene. Putting things in place, moving them around, and swapping out props was all part of the team effort.The warehouse venue boasted lots of natural light, always a photographer’s dream. I enjoyed experimenting: underexposing the scene, playing with the available light, looking for deep shadows and soft highlights. New spaces and different lighting always bring new challenges and opportunities, too.

The workshop was a great creative kick-start for me and a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on an autumn afternoon. Remembering how fun it is to play with props has inspired me to try more of this on my own.

What are you doing to spark your creativity these days?



    • Thanks, Kirstin! I’m not sure I gained a lot of new information but two hours set aside to play (props provided!) was fun.

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