Playing in the shadows, the magic of light and dark

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I have such a deep respect for the light and the dark, figuratively and literally. This time of year, we get ready to celebrate the darkest day. The darkest day paves the way for the brightening each day after that . As humans in this big wide world, we honor the light and dark spots in ourselves. There is beauty and truth in each side. Visually, light can feel magical when it lights up a dark place. A gorgeous ray of sunlight on a dark corner, bright stars, the way birthday candles light up a beautiful face. Darkness too, can cast gorgeous shadows,interesting patterns, and also allow the light to hold space. The world is filled with so many light and dark metaphors. I find myself craving all of them this time of year. I especially love playing in the shadows. Because the light is up early and sets early in the late autumn, I’ve been more attuned to the shadows, the weird light, and the beauty the light and dark make. I’m digging a little deep for this post, unearthing some favorite shadowy images from over the years. Wishing you all a super peaceful start to the holiday season!!


  1. Did you use a film camera for these photographs? 🙂
    I like it playing with shadows too.

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