Roman Holiday

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We are huge fans of Italy; you can probably tell that from many of my previous posts. But this year we seem to have taken our love of Italy to a whole new level, visiting the country a total of five times, for a month in total. It’s so easy to pop over for a long weekend, thanks to low-cost airlines, Airbnb and Uber. We’ve also done two longer trips, including our two-week summer holiday.

It’s been a wonderful mixture of the old, the very old but also the new. Our Italian is getting better (well, my husband’s is, anyway..I can at least now order myself a glass of wine). We’ve been to places we know well (Rome) and also exploring parts of the country we’re less familiar with (Sicily, Puglia).

In recent years we’ve also been to France, Greece and Turkey several times, but Italy is the country that keeps drawing us back. There’s something special about its combination of food, climate, landscapes, friendly people and, yes, Roman ruins. But no matter how often we go, we always seem to have unfinished business, and a list of things we want to do on our next trip.



  1. I’ve been to Italy just once in my life. I hope to return! So much to see…as you said, the old, the very old, and the new.
    So much richness.
    Love seeing your travel photos, always. xo

  2. Wow wow wow! The colors!! I’ll try to suppress my jealousy 🙂 I always LOVE your travel work, Kirstin. You have such an eye for color and composition. Thanks for the inspiration! I’ll have to ask for your recommendations someday when I make it back to Italy.

  3. Oh, how I wish it were an easy trip, but I do love my armchair travels with you! Italy is my most favorite too and I will never tire of how beautifully you showcase her.

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