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– Self, why haven’t we taken any photos lately?
– Why we haven’t..? Let’s see, it’s December, and our workday lasts an hour longer than the daylight. What would be the point?
– We call ourselves a photographer, don’t we? Shouldn’t we be able to handle any kind of light, or even a lack of it?
– Yes, but…
– [interrupts] And even more, shouldn’t we be able to use the lack of light to our advantage, to tell stories of our world right now, such as it is?

– Do you see now, self?
– Yes. Yes I do.

˜All the best from Jenny Graver (and her self)


  1. It’s gray today and I really want to finish a few frames on a roll. I was already toying with the idea of lugging out a tripod to make it work . . . now I will for sure. Thank you and your self 😉

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