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There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don’t expect yourself to do so either. – Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

Does anyone else take a bit of sigh of relief when January arrives? You can finally fall in to bed for a bit and not get out for a while? Of course there is still work and responsibilities, I’m not trying to deny that fact. I feel though, that there is this shift to Rest. There is not a calling, an urging to take on more. Instead the voice is quiet and we can reflect. I wholeheartedly believe and know that this cue comes from Nature, and we are just answering, or I should say not anwering her call.  I think instead of the go, go, go, we recharge.I really feel like along with my body and brain recharging, my heart, and my creativity recharge too. I find that the simplest things call out to me and speak their truth. It’s like a spiritual alignment. This concept is celebrated in Nature with animals that hibernate. In countries that get extra blustery, people call the cozying up in winter Hygge ( pronounced Hoogah!) and think it’s fabulous.

Let the rest begin, let it sink in everywhere.


So as my creative eye is in Recharge mode, today’s post is ever so simple.

I am home today with the kids as there is blustery snowstorm happening. We are cozy, baking bread, and drinking all the hot things.

These are all Iphone, and I edited all of them with a new ( to me) app that I’m really loving called Color Story.


Happy New Year Friends!!


Go and relax!!



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  1. I woke today with a sinus headache, determined to still meet my obligations, which included something lovely, lunch with a friend. But as I waited for my tea to steep I took note of how tired I was, and how all I really wanted to do was spend the day resting, maybe attacking a difficult (for me) knitting project, and cleaning up my email box. And so I rescheduled all plans. The housework can wait until another day, my friend and I shall meet next week. Your post is the second one I’ve read this morning which speaks of the importance of rest during the winter months. Message received. Thank you.

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