desert pairings

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Our family motto when life overwhelms is pretty much “get in the car and go”.  Roadtrips in our VW van are essential to our mental health.

But when time is short and a getaway is critical, we get ourselves to the coast or the mountains or in this case, the desert, by any means possible. On this trip, I found that I was seeing images in pairs….

Looking for a different palette to stimulate the senses.

Losing ourselves in the desert landscape of Joshua Tree in freezing temperatures as dusk approaches,

or driving the streets of Palm Springs with their stylish vintage cars and mid-century modern architecture, reminding us of movie studio backdrops.

A feast for the eyes and a respite from everyday life.



  1. These pairings are awesome! Were were in PS/Joshua Tree last year; I want to go back!

  2. Oh Kim, these are wonderful pairings. And I now I want to visit that part of the world EVEN more than I did before!
    Also, I love that you travel in your van en famille.

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