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Ektar 100

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Although I have been shooting film regularly for more than two years now, I really haven’t decided on a favorite film stock yet. I love the the neutral, greenish base that Fuji offers quite a lot, yet the bright, beautiful color pops that Kodak Portra, and especially Ektar, bring to the image are simply something else. As far as b&w goes, I’m not very much of a fan, but I do like the elegance of the classic look every once in a while.

Consequently, a few weeks ago, I decided to experiment with the same subject using three different film stocks I had at hand. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any Fuji film at the time so I went with Kodak Ektar, Kodak Portra 400, and Ilford FP4. Here are the results – do tell me which is your favorite, I’d love to hear! I haven’t made up my mind yet…


Ektar 100

Ilford FP4

Portra 400



  1. I love your Ektar here! I’ve found I like it better in 35 mm than medium format, how weird is that?! I love how subtle you make it. Do you mind telling me how you rate it? And your P400 is so rich! I’m trying to fall in love with it. 🙂

  2. It’s hard to pick between ektar and portra. Both beautiful. I tend to shoot ektar during the summer on the beach. Recently I shot it on an overcast day and it wasn’t my fave (but it was all I had).

  3. loving the Ektar! i was thinking about making it my go-to film over Portra from now on and this might have swung me that way 😀 the Portra is really nice as well though.

  4. Hi Maite: I like the Prota 400 colors but the Ilford looks amazing 🙂

  5. I really can’t choose between the Ektar and the Portra. I love aspects of both of them too much.

  6. I think the Ektar is the perfect palette for this subject matter. But the shots are all lovely.

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