A Study in Light, Shadow, & Perspective

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When I feel really lost, I find myself reaching for a camera to re frame my perspective.  The weight of it in my hand steadies my heart.  Looking for a story thru the viewfinder calms my mind.  I seek connection.  Following the light, I can’t help but notice the shadows and the beauty in the contrast.       

I wonder about the people I see moving past me.  Where are they headed?  Where have they come from?  Are they lonely?  Are they joyful?  Do they notice me and question the same?

We belong to each other.  Ever the optimist, I still believe in this idea.  I find proof of it in crosswalks and sidewalks.  Compassion and empathy.  It’s cold outside, but there is still warmth to be found.

We spend so much of our lives waiting.  I’m fascinated by all that unfolds at a bus stop.  There is so much complexity there….and hope.  Lives are framed in crisscrossed steel posts.  Light, shadow, reflection, connection, and wonder.  My perspective shifts.

I’m drawn to the humanity unfolding around me on a city street.  I can hear myself think.  I find my inner compass.

How about you?  Where do you find perspective?  Where do you regain your sense of humanity? Laura







  1. I have always loved your street photography, and have been unable to put my finger on the ineffable quality I feel in it till now. It’s love. I see the love you feel as you wander manifest in your photos. It’s always beautiful to see.

    • Oh Debbie, that is the sweetest compliment! Thank you! I do feel overwhelming compassion when I wander with the camera. So many commonalities among us…so much humanity. It fills me to the brim. xo

  2. The video still makes me laugh. What a treasure to have that memory preserved to enjoy over and over. Shadows are intriguing to kids. I”m impressed by people who do the shadow puppets with their hands and come up with all kinds of creative ideas. Shadows can be quite entertaining!

  3. Such a beautiful sense of quiet in these and I adore the last one. The pedestrian is like a little happy surprise that I didn’t notice immediately. Lovely series.

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