Landscape on Film

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I’m not particularly outdoorsy but I do enjoy going places or a good weekend road trip like most of us, especially if it means I can take my camera with me. And although my photography reveals an orientation towards people and daily life, I do enjoy photographing landscapes every so often.

Curiously, I find that I tend to shoot more landscapes in analog than in digital. I have no idea what the reason behind it is; possibly it is related to the fact that I have a limited number of frames and I wouldn’t want to waste one unless the landscape is breathtaking. Perhaps it’s the metering, composing, and waiting for results that has me excited about landscapes. Or maybe I’m just inspired by other landscape film photographers…

In any case, I feel more and more drawn to it and it is something that I will be practicing more in the future. I leave you with some examples of my landscapes on film, hoping that you will feel inspired to try it more as well! – Maite



  1. Beautiful images. Film is perfect for these. Something I’ll consider next time as I’m not a big on capturing landscapes. These are inspiring!

  2. Gosh, these are beautiful, Maite! I am definitely drawn more to portraits but how I love the ‘quiet’ of landscape shots.

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