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You know the children’s story, right? The country mouse visits her cousin the city mouse and vice versa and they both see how the other half lives. The “moral of the story” usually escaped me as a voracious child reader and the moral of the country mouse preferring his simple life in the country doesn’t particularly resonate either. I am a firm fence sitter – I love being out in nature, but I also love visits to town and the completely different visuals (and experiences) that present themselves. I am lucky that I live in a place where both “country” and “city” are available for my walking shoes depending on my mood.

What I did find interesting one recent day when I was out walking the trails in the morning and the city streets in the afternoon is that I was drawn visually to elements of both. While on a fire road, capturing paths and greenery, the texture of a gate and its locks drew my eye.

And while shooting the texture of buildings in town, I frequently seemed to find and frame something green growing in the foreground or background.

My feet are firmly planted in whatever world I’m in at the time.  Not a lesson but a sweet experience to be noted.  (Also to be noted, use the portrait mode on one’s iPhone sparingly.  It’s called a portrait mode for a reason.  Noted.)


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