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Many of you know I was born and raised in the Canary islands, Spain. We are an archipelago of seven volcanic Islands and islets in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Africa. We have visited other archipelagos similar to ours throughout the years, but the one I feel closest to is the Hawaiian Islands, a group of eight islands, atolls and islets in the Pacific Ocean.

Whereas the Hawaiian Islands have 137 smaller islands in their chain, we only have two 6 islets that are easily accessible by boat. But we both share many similarities too, like beautiful, sandy beaches, the volcano, of course, and fantastic tropical climate that make it possible to enjoy the sun almost all year long.

I’m chatting about the Hawaiian Islands today because of the recent news about the Mauna Kea Volcano erupting in the Big Island. Our volcano, El Teide (the third largest volcano on Earth), is dormant, so I can certainly imagine what would happen if it suddenly decided to erupt. It would be difficult to say but, undoubtedly, everything from population to fauna and marine life would be disrupted.

I have never felt so comfortable and at home in a foreign place, as I have when I visited Hawaii. I feel we have so much in common, despite our culture and history. The climate, the landscape, the ocean and the volcano bond us together in some strange way. I even believe some of the aborigines in both archipelagos may have had some common traits too.

I do hope Mauna Kea’s activity decreases soon and life can go back to normal in the archipelago. Although something tells me everyone is used to the islands’ natural events by now…

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  1. These photographs! I can seriously stare at any of them for a while – the colors! the shadows! the bokeh! Thanks for sharing, Maite. I’ve long wanted to visit Hawaii but now I’ll have to add the Canary Islands to my list! 😉

  2. I’m all about the Mediterranean islands myself, so have been inspired to visit TWO sets of islands from your post!

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