In the pink

In Digital, Landscapes, Nature

It seems that spring is always a little slow to arrive. We wait with anticipation  through the dark, gray winter–is it starting? Do I see a glimpse of green? And then, as if by magic, spring bursts forth with so much beauty, it’s hard to take it all in.Once the blooms begin, there’s no stopping the show. I find myself driving from place to place, seeking out my favorites, wanting to see it all before it’s gone. Because you see, as quickly as these beauties arrive, they disappear.

Mother Nature knows how to show off! Have you noticed the many different shades of pink? One of my favorite colors gets front-and-center stage during this season.

As I share these words and images, many of the blooms have faded or been replaced by the vibrant green of late spring. New flowers are awaiting their turn (peonies, yes!) and summer won’t be far behind. Spring is an elusive, fleeting season–but one worth savoring!


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