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I’m thoroughly submerged in the world of film again, and it feels wonderful. As you may recall, I started the dive back into film with the little Lomography Fisheye. I really did always know where to go next, namely back to my wonderful, trusty Minolta SRT 100X. I bought this camera second-hand back when I wanted to get back to the film photography of my childhood after a long digital period, and it has never since been replaced as my favourite 35mm film camera ever.

One of the many reasons why I love it so is the delicious, grainy bokeh that no digital camera can ever get close to, and one of my favourite things to shoot with it is accidental still lives, table settings in particular.

Signage is of course always a fun subject:

I try to challenge myself to take more photos of my son with the Minolta, but he is now three years old and rarely still for long enough to focus properly on him. I try, though.

The camera also does well with landscapes – but that is the topic of another post.

˜Jenny G.

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