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As the month of May ends, and the days are becoming longer and longer, I find myself getting excited for the summer months. I look forward to when time seems to stop ( or at the very least, turn in to a perpetual pause), and my kids are free from the shackles of a school schedule. I look forward to true “Wandering” never being too far past our thoughts. Adventure and spontaneity pump through veins alongside blood. While there are always pleasure and fun checklists I make ( i.e eat affogatos for dinner as much as possible, drink beer in shower with the windows open( please don’t tell me I’m the only one who dreams of this) I also make photo….ideas, dreams, bucket lists. Once I have vacation plans in place, I usually make photo plans. What things would I like to photograph ? Where do I want my camera to lead me? Some I plan. Others I lay a loose foundation. Some are are as free and non conforming as my wide leg linen gaucho pants ( also a summer fave) .

Last summer I vacationed in a place that I had been before many times: Barbados. I know a lot of people don’t like vacationing somewhere if they’ve already been there, but I’ll be those people haven’t been to Barbados. It’s hard to choose, but I think my three highlights of Barbados are Bridgetown (it has such a cool and relaxed feel to it), Browne’s Beach (this is like one of those beaches out of a travel magazine that you don’t believe is actually real – it is stunning!) and the villas in barbados (the options are endless and each and every one is luxurious beyond belief). There are one hundred reasons that I keep going back, but those are probably the biggest three. If you haven’t been, I urge you to treat yourself to a trip. Well, one morning in paradise I chose to do a bike ride with myself and have some fun. Just me and my camera. I also brought my lensbaby so that I could get a new perspective. I also chose to be on the lookout for light in different ways and found myself seeing rainbows.

This summer I am planning some more vacations and day trips. My camera will likely lead me to new things. I love how it all seems breezier and easier in the summer. Life doesn’t take itself so seriously which makes more space for the fun stuff. How about you? Do you have summer plans? Have you ever been to Barbados? Are you making any bucket lists ? Do any involve what you are hoping to photograph?



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