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I love portraits. I love the way they make you wonder about what’s going on behind the eyes – within someone else’s world.

I love the way the available light can transform the scene, prompting you to see them differently.


Or maybe it’s the unpredictability of humans – how, all of a sudden, they do something different and beautiful.

And sometimes they just look you in the eyes, and you find yourself looking back, directly into their face, hoping to deepen the understanding that exists between you.

I am especially fond of the portraits that pull you into their world, making you wonder what everything looks like through their eyes.

Eyes wide open,



  1. It’s such a gift to share that space with someone when making portraits, isn’t it?
    Your care and appreciation of the process is definitely felt in each of these portraits. Beautiful, Chinwe!

    • Thanks, Michelle. Yeah, I need to make more portraits! It’s one of my goals this year 🙂

  2. I just love these. I’m always hesitant to do dark, moody portraits, but you’ve made me a believer!

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