Avoiding the Hustle

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I’ve fallen off the “Jar of Inspiration” project wagon.  There. I said it.  When we first moved to Colorado, I thought I could re-ignite the whole thing and I officially made it through 2 whole months and 10 days into the 3rd before I lapsed.  Again.

Locked, day 7.  From the 3rd month, when I quit…again…

You can call it whatever you want, “My priorities changed,” “I got distracted,” “Life got in the way” but really, I just stopped.   I was posting my images to Flickr, Instagram and Facebook and I was exhausted with trying to manage all three separately.  Even though I have API’s that export my images from Lightroom to my social media accounts, hash-tagging, commenting and creating wording for all of them just took up so much time.  I tried exporting images to Dropbox, and cutting/pasting wording but then I found myself sitting at my computer with my phone on one side and my iPad on the other trying to get it all sorted.  I realized the hilarity of it all and I stopped.   My project had turned from being a fun learning opportunity into a time consuming distraction aimed at likes and followers.

Reflections II, day 20.

And still – I miss the challenge of daily shooting.  I miss spending an entire month focused on one topic.  I miss the feeling of creating something even when I don’t feel drawn to create.  I  miss the connection of a small group of photographers.  I think if I were to start it up again, I’d only post to my website.  I’ve been meaning to spend more time there anyways and then everything would be in one spot.  I could share as much or as little as I want on social media and it would all point back to the same source.

CO Wanderings, day 20.

I’ve been considering what I should do next to get myself back into the shooting groove.  I started brainstorming a list of topics that interest me and thought it might be fun to share, in case someone else was feeling a little lost, too.

  • Shoot at the same exact time each day
  • Make a map of my local area and throw a dart to choose a location to shoot at
  • #JacktheCat – portraits of our infamous photo-bombing feline
  • Create abstract images
  • Shoot the alphabet
  • Diptych Collaboration, Round 2.
  • Portraits in front of painted walls to create a gradient rainbow
  • A month in the life of our family
  • Phone camera only
  • Double exposures
  • Film camera practice
  • In my new studio
  • Off-Camera Flash play
  • Words and images
  • Shoot for a cause

Of course, none of this is set in stone, but I’m hoping that I’ll give myself enough of a nudge to at least get started again.  Staying on task is always the hardest part.  If anyone has any votes on what they’d like me to start next, whether it’s on the list or not, I’d love to hear.

Trying to avoid the hustle – Angie


  1. This is a great post, Angie. We all know this story…of having good intentions with a project, and then falling out of the rhythm. I hope letting yourself off the hook with sharing every image in multiple places will help you get back to the daily shooting you love. As for what to do next…I love all your ideas! Trust your heart and just pick one…or make a big mind map of your ideas and throw a dart at that 😉

    No hustle. Just heart.
    I look forward to seeing what you shoot. xo

  2. Angie, your post came at a time when I am also trying to streamline my creative life. I have been focusing on my photography this year and just this week was thinking I really need to start creating little challenges for myself, much like those you mention in your list. You have such great ones! I would go with whichever is currently most tickling your fancy.
    : ) Enjoy!

  3. This is so spot on! I have a horrible time uploading my images to social media 😂 such a consuming task!

    Hope you’re able to get back on track😁

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