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A few light, random bits of information for today about what’s going on at the moment..


Reading.. In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney – I have slowly devoured this book this year, savouring the feelings of reading such an inspiring bunch of stories told by remarkable women. Even more remarkable when I listened to a podcast where Grace admitted it wasn’t the book she was supposed to write and it was pulled together with much creative fury and love in just two months from start to finish (I think that was on Good Life Project). Also reading The Barefoot Investor for Families by Scott Pape, trying to implement pocket money for the kids and teaching them about finance.

Listening to.. Podcasts..Dispatch to a Friend – just so, so lovely to listen to! Annabelle and Gillian are completely delightful together, sharing their letters to one another about cooking, gardening, cake making, travel and above all, friendship. This one hits me in the heart and leaves me feeling warm and fuzzy, as they prove all the small mundane things we do each day are actually the big things. And their friendship is just beautiful – highly recommend! ;Good Company – Grace Bonney’s new podcast which is just fabulous so easy to listen to; always Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations; The Design Files Talks, so inspiring listening to creators and makers talking about how they got to where they are.

Watching.. very little! Mostly reruns of Fuller House with the kids on Netflix, and an occasional episode of season 7 of Suits.

Cooking.. banana bread, sausage rolls, soup.

Dreaming.. about a simpler life, happiness, new opportunities.

Working on.. myself.

Waiting for.. this rain to stop. It’s been raining for a week and while it’s been lovely and everything is lush and green, and we have really needed it, we’re all quite over it now!

Looking forward to.. a creative workshop on how to make kokedamas gifted to me for my birthday! And while in denial about Christmas not too far away, looking forward to 24/7 carols that get the green light on the first of November.

Loving.. Meghan + Harry’s baby news, of course!

Enjoying.. the school holidays that have just ended. Just hanging out with my favourite little people was so great – slow, easy days, little outings here and there, but just soaking them up as they are growing and changing so fast right now.

Remembering.. how important friendship is. I went for lunch with one of my Mum’s best friends yesterday for her 60th birthday. They have been friends since school and our families are close with a great relationship. To go through your teenage years and still be as close, if not closer at 60 – that only happens with a very small number of people in your life – for some people, not at all.

Grateful for.. lessons, challenges, my family, music, books, friends, where we live.



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