Why I Photowalk

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Do you ever take your camera out for a walk?  Here are some of the reasons why I photowalk:

  • escape my everyday
  • get fresh air

  • take a break from editing
  • get a break from adulting

  • explore my surroundings
  • get out of my head
  • exercise

  • practice a new technique
  • teach others
  • observe the light

  • stretch my creative muscles
  • procrastinate on other projects
  • play with new gear

  • practice gratitude
  • change my mood
  • pay attention to details

  • see the bigger picture

Even if I only snap 1 picture, I’m always happy that I went.

Happy Walking! -Angie


  1. I love to photowalk! I do it often. And when I return, I love to share the story of that walk with others in a photo essay. Your images show the colors, shapes, and textures of your wanderings beautifully.

  2. Yes, to all of the above! Getting out of my head and shifting my perspective, seeing something new or seeing something old in a new way. I love the sense of infinite possibility that can come as the result of a good walk with my camera.

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