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I am deeply fascinated by things that are in between. Doorways and windows. Solstice. Borders of all kinds. Rivers. Ceremonies that mark a transition from one state to another in life. And seasons. Autumn, for me, is an in-between season marking the progress from summer to winter. A nostalgic and sometimes bittersweet time. Year after year, my photography follows the same progression.

Summer and the first part of autumn are all about colour. And then, gradually as autumn progresses, I shift towards black and white. It happens every year, and it’s hardly deliberate. It is like I suddenly notice that I have less and less colour photos of sunlit leaves and colourful markets and more and more of stark and naked branches and cozy indoor still lives in black and white.

Often I have not been aware of it when this shift is taking place. Becoming aware of it however, can be a strong photographic tool. Is there colour in winter? How does autumn look in black and white?

˜Jenny G.

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