The Consolation of Photography

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I hate January. It is the worst time of the year. After the jollity of the holiday season, it marks the start of hard slog through three or four cold, damp months with too much darkness and not enough light. Fortunately, I have my photos to console me, and remind me what it’s like to be in the warmth of summer. People take pictures for many reasons, but for me, capturing the heat and happiness of summer is one of them: it’s the nearest thing there is to capturing joy in a bottle. Here are some of the things I photographed last year on our travels. These are the pictures that are keeping me warm as I hunker down in the depths of winter.

Colours and shapes in Rajasthan, India
Memories of food, friends and family in Sicily
Stunning beaches and seascapes in Menorca
Early autumnal light in Paris
Narrow streets and wide views in India

It’s hard to imagine how hot it was when I took these pictures. I can’t even remember what it feels like to be in the sunshine. But these pictures are proof that I was warm then, and I will be again, once the winter is over!



  1. Oh, friend, the places you go! Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Do you really think January is worse than February? I think February is the absolute pits, cruelest month and all that.

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