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I am completely empty of photographic inspiration at the moment. I have been down for almost two weeks with the flu, work is killing me and it is still dark – though a very dark shade of blue rather than black – when I go to and from work. Even though January is past, spring feels a long way away still.

The few photos in this post I found on my phone, and they felt like a surprise. Did I really take these? It seems like a long time ago that I got any kind of joy from pointing my lens towards anything. The contrast to the photographic optimism I felt in December is almost painful.

I know I will feel differently once the seasons change. In the meantime, any kind of inspiration to tide me over, would be most welcome.


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  1. So sorry that you’ve been sick. The flu sucks! Inspiration will surely come again, Jenny. In the meantime, I think past-Jenny would say, “The challenge will be to continue this practice in January when the Christmas lights are taken down while the darkness remains. Right now I have faith that I will manage, but if I don’t, that’s okay too, because then we will be past the winter solstice and spring will be on its way.”


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