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It started to snow the first Saturday of the month. We were up north for the weekend visiting our kids, and to be honest, we didn’t think much about it. We woke Sunday, to a winter wonderland, and wished we had headed home sooner. We crawled the 130 miles or so home, making our way south, while the snow fell heavily around us.


My husband is a stellar driver in the snow, but even he agreed the roads were not good. I spent my time, in the passenger seat, keeping busy taking photos out my window. Avoiding looking at the cars around us in the ditch. 



For the most part, we don’t get much snowfall here in Western Washington. We might get a few inches each winter, but it does not stick around long. The moment it starts to fall I head out with my camera because it is such beautiful winter treat. But here we are, looking at the end of the month, and we still have a significant amount on the ground where we live.


My camera card is full of photos of Baker, our 10 month old beagle. For days and days he could not get enough of the snow, and I could not get enough of watching him. But lately I think we both are happy to see some green grass poking through in places.


My husband spent most of his time shoveling our cars out, keeping the driveway clear and our steps passable. Because the snow was so deep on Baker, he even made paths in our yard so he could get around. He would come in each morning, cold and wet looking at his Fitbit announcing he had already gotten all his steps in. But I know it was really all about the dog and I love him all the more for that. 

20190226-snow 2

Now the clean up begins, for our yard took a beating. But I vow to clean up with a full heart and lots of gratitude for all the beauty and fun that came with all that snow. It was like the snowfalls of my childhood, and at 64 that is a pretty awesome winter gift.

Xo, Cathy 


  1. Oh man, this is so beautiful and sweet, Cathy. Love this set. Thanks for the reminder to look for beauty even in the seemingly inconvenient moments.

  2. I was hoping you would do a post about Baker in the snow! I love seeing how much fun he had in it, but I bet you can’t wait for Spring!

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