Joyful Color

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I keep a watercolor paper journal and oil pastels on an old art table in our art/dining room. I often unroll blank white butcher’s paper across that same table before dinner parties. I love to see what unfolds.

I bought the oil pastels years ago and have really fallen in love with them. In the watercolor paper journal, my family and I have created some good memories. I leave the journal and oil pastels on the kitchen table during meals. Sometimes we color and other days it’s left blank. Sometimes there’s a prompt and other times it’s just randomly filled throughout the day.

And on some days, I fill the pages with my own creations.

I love the feel of the oil pastels against the watercolor paper. The blending of colors with my hands is almost a meditation after a long, stressful day. The bold, saturated color inspires me and the entire process quiets my mind.

A squiggly line, a massive swirl of color, or a more neatly contained creation are equally soothing to me. The color really inspires me during the cold, dark winter.

This is our third journal. Our first one we packed on a long road trip and added to it each day with Sharpie markers. Eventually, I’d love to pull the individual pages from the book and frame them in a series to hang in our home. Presently though, I’m just enjoying the process.



  1. I love this idea! I love the fact that you have color and the opportunity to create readily available to you. Thanks for sharing, Laura.

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