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At the end of March, I noticed that another round of #The100DayProject was set to launch the first week of April. I’ve often thought about joining in but never caught the timing just right. This time, I decided to make the commitment to photograph clouds for 100 days and post images daily on Instagram.

Day one was a reasonably good start. There were interesting cloud formations and I was able to capture something by the end of my day that fit my vision for the project.

But April being April (rainy, sunny, cloudy, unpredictable), I was soon faced with more challenging photo opps. Some days I scanned the skies and no hint of clouds ever appeared. I had to rely on other objects to offer interest and scale in an otherwise stark sky.

Other days, the smallest of clouds drifted in at midday or perhaps at twilight.

Or I was presented with one big, grey cloud covering the sky.

The great thing about a daily challenge is that I was forced to find some image to post within a prescribed timeframe. Even when I disliked the image for that day, it was duly documented.

Redemption was often just a few days or hours away, however. The sky never remains static.

One thing this project has taught me is that I must be alert throughout the day; my eyes are always looking up, and a cloudy day can quickly become a sunny one (and vice versa). It’s a good reminder that if I don’t like what I see, I need to patiently wait for change. Because it always comes.

I’m now one-third of the way through my 100 day project, and I’ll be scanning the skies for at least two more months. If you want to follow along, check out my Instagram gallery and story!



  1. I love this project, Leslie. It’s so incredible how much you can see when you make it an intention to look. I miss this aspect of the daily photo project. I also remember about those days when you just capture something even though you’re not feeling any inspiration. All part of the process. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you, Chinwe! It’s been a while since I did a “prescribed” project like this. I love clouds so looking up is pretty much second-nature it me.

    • Thanks, Kirstin! It will be fun to see these as a body of work when the project is finished.

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