In Black and White
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My first post as a ViewFinder, back in September of 2015, was called “Choosing How To See,” and in it I talked about shooting in black and white on an iPhone (back then it was an iPhone 6 — how time flies!). I’ve posted several other times about black and white photography (here and here), and I admire the work of both the pioneers of photography and those on the cutting edge who are using black and white in new and interesting ways.

I mostly convert iPhone or DSLR images from color to black and white (though someday I would love to do a B&W film project), and I most often choose black and white over color to set a specific mood. I like the sense of mystery and darkness that black and white imparts.

I sometimes convert using an editing app, and other times I capture images using the TinType app, which gives the images an antique feel. While it was mostly developed for portraits, I like to use it to alter the landscape and to set that mysterious mood. Here are some of the black and white images I’ve taken over the last several years:

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