Here’s Flowers

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An orchid plant I got a little over a year ago started to bloom again! What a delight it is to see those first buds, to know that a flower is about to to burst forth.

Then only a few short days later, there are flowers and flowers…

This plant has been giving me so much joy lately. I didn’t know how much I liked flowers until I started seeing them a lot in my photography.

How can something so ubiquitous be so beautiful? Whether they’re growing in a garden…

…or held in a vase…

…their beauty always invites me to engage in wonder, if only for a brief, beautiful moment.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. I had a fellow teacher, who I shared an office with give me an orchid one year for helping him with a project. It lived for a few years. Every time it bloomed I was mesmerized. You know me, I am a flower addict. These are beautiful Chinwe.

  2. So much happiness.
    I have an orchid from a patient, at my work. So far, I have kept it alive and it is always a total wonder when it blooms!

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