Summer Palettes

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As summer makes its entrance in my life, I’m always drawn to the bright, bold colors this season has to offer. However, when I search summer palette on Google, in order to prove that the colors I see around me are the true representation of summer colors, I get a lot of information about makeup and clothing styles. And funny phrases like “splash of color”, “warm, summer healing colors”, “pink lemonade pop”, “fun, tropical colors”, and my personal favorite, “cool bomb of color”. Also, Trends. Color Intelligence. Sunshine Rainbow Explosion. Heat Iridescence. All pretty funny, if you ask me…

So what are the summer colors? The colors you see on the beach? What if you’re not on the beach, but enjoying summer on your front porch? And surely those colors are also different to those on a lake or the mountain, for example.

What colors do you wake up to in the morning? What do you see when you open/close your blinds in the evening?

Do you agree that bright, bold colors capture the essence of summer? What is your summer palette?

I leave you with this food for thought and some of the images that really do show what my summer palette looks like – or, at least, the way I see summer.



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