Walking the Same Path

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I am a creature of habit. I walk the same paths, the same roads, and wander through the same fields near our house on an almost daily basis. Every now and then I set a goal to take a monthly photowalk to a new destination or to explore places I have never been. But life intervenes and here I am again today, traveling the same (beloved) trails and streets.

As you’ve read if you follow me, after my back surgery in April (successful — hooray!) I renewed a goal of walking every day, even if it was only to the end of the road (in the beginning) or a few miles at the end of a busy day, or a good hike of 4 or 5 miles (not often enough). I walk for strength, for nature, for meditation, for joy, for an easy excuse to listen to a podcast or an audiobook. I walk to start my day energized, or to de-stress after work. I’ve missed about 5 or 6 days of walking since April, and I gently allow myself that gift — too tired, too busy, too hot — and then regroup and start again tomorrow.

As a photographer, my challenge has been to walk these same paths, trails, and streets and avoid taking images of the same thing over and over. I can easily get distracted by every pretty flower and leaf, ocean vista, and meadowscape. I come home with dozens of photographs on my iPhone after each walk, but like Deb Achak in her recent post, I try to whittle down to THE ONE. The one that resonates and speaks to me. The one that uniquely expresses my walk and my photo journey.

I hope that you can hone your vision on your regular walks, and every time you venture out can see your surroundings anew.

See you soon. Much love.



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