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Viewfinders Manifesto #4
We believe in pulling the car over to capture the vie

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With no overseas travel this summer, we’ve been taking day trips or just snatching a few hours here and there to revisit old favourite haunts in our neck of the woods. But my daughter and I did escape to wine country this past week for a quick two night getaway. Our intention was pretty much to sit by the pool, sleep, and eat. All of which we did!

But on a lazy afternoon drive to get coffee before returning to our hotel for more nothing, I saw something just off the road, craned my neck in disbelief, asking my daughter if she saw it too, and we pulled a totally unsafe u-turn (thankfully with no other cars in sight) to investigate.

And discovered this gem – Castello di Amorosa – a Napa Valley winery that looks and feels like a 13th century Tuscan hill town. We discovered that the winemaker who built it wanted to honor his Italian heritage and his love for medieval architecture. After spending many summers with my husband’s family in rural Italy, I can confirm that he succeeded in his mission. As my daughter and I walked around, poking our noses into chapels, underground rooms, and towers with views of the countryside, we felt like we had been transported across the Atlantic to familiar territory.

The sun was hot, the countryside was stunning, the architecture was magnificent. Even the wines were delicious (yes, we tasted some!).

Mission accomplished. I feel like I’ve had the vacation I was vaguely missing this summer. No regrets ever pulling the car over to enjoy the view.


All images with my iPhone.
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