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Laura’s recent post got me thinking about the ways I try to change my perspective as I look at the world through my camera lens. I often find myself looking up, hoping to see something new. This habit has served me well during my travels. Often, some of the most interesting photographs I come away with are those I captured as I’ve strayed from the common path, and lifted my eyes high.

The light caught in the curtain…

Wondering how those lovely flowers took root and grew up there, against the odds…

Wondering who took care to place those plants up there…

The intimate space of a balcony, from where one watches the world go by…

The ornate artwork masquerading as a street lamp…

All these and so much more are my reward, just for pulling my eyes away from the usual, and looking up.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


  1. Love this perspective, Chinwe – sometimes I am so focused on what’s in front of me. This is a good reminder to adjust my line of focus. Beautiful captures, as always.

    • Thanks, Azzari. I do too. Often, changing my perspective comes more naturally when I’m traveling. I definitely have to be more intentional during my everyday practice.

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