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I’ve lost my love of photography over the last year or so. Or maybe it’s just the loving regularity of my photography that I’ve lost. Because when I do pick up my camera (albeit sporadically), or go through photos, I love them all over again and feel such a connection with how my photos make me feel. I can connect with the feeling that I was trying to remember when I clicked the shutter.

Somewhere along the way it’s easy to start putting composition and light and rules and comparison ahead of the feeling. The feeling is everything.

So I’ve been trying – slowly – but trying all the same, to remember to grab my camera and just take photos. Of real life and kids and nothing and everything. And it’s okay they’re not great or the light isn’t the best or I decide to keep joyful faces in favour of cutting off heads to straighten the horizon.

I think I’ve lost me a bit in my photos. I know we’ve all been there. Trying to stretch yourself a little too far, or keep up with other photographers, thinking about what you feel you should be doing, rather than just feeling your way through. The feeling is everything.

If you’ve lost your way a bit lately, small steps will help you find your way back. Or maybe they’ll lead you to somewhere in the same neighbourhood, somewhere even better than before.



  1. Tahnee, this resinated with me so much. Such a good reminder that we all go through these periods. These photos are magical. I feel the connection here, the beautiful colors of childhood and home. Thank you.

  2. The feeling IS everything. Yes, yes, yes! SO true. Thank you for the reminder.

    Also. I do so love seeing snippets of your house and family.

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