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I live in Northern California and get no sympathy from ANYONE (especially my friends and family in Toronto) when I occasionally complain about the lack of seasons. It’s all tongue in cheek and of course there are seasons (albeit not as clearly delineated as more northern climates), but I have to admit after months of blue skies and warm temperatures, I am more than ready when the weather moves back in. It’s not towering piles of leaves in autumn, nor snow forts and ice skating, but when the barometer drops and the fog and the clouds move in, I am my happiest self.

Atmospheric tootsie rolls known affectionately as “Karl the Fog” roll over the hills and sweep through the Golden Gate and turn the weather from one extreme to another overnight.

My photographic self is happy too. Nothing lifts my spirits more than showing up at the beach pre, post (or during) a storm, and being able to capture epic skies and moody lighting while the dog romps and the fair weather beach visitors stay home and cozy.

Happy Autumn. I’ll be right here, lifting my spirits and my camera phone from wild and windy beaches in my boots and sweaters.



  1. Wow – the foggy shots are so great! That ghostly bridge photograph! I imagine that it’s difficult to capture a unique shot of that heavily-photographed bridge. That one is incredible!

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