Corners of Home

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Back in the day, when I was first figuring out how to use my camera, I did two things that changed my world: I enrolled in a photography class at a local art center and I joined Flickr. Do you remember Flickr? I’m dating myself and I don’t care. I made priceless online friends who became “real life” friends. Tens years later, I’m still enormously grateful for these women. We traveled together. We shared photography tips and tricks. We watched each other’s children grow up and change. We watched each other grow and evolve into the women that we are today. We celebrated each other’s wins. We grieved each other’s losses. We showed up to help each other through all the things. We shared our worlds through the lens of a camera and it changed my life. Flickr was pre-Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media. Flickr was the era of blogging. Also, we loved our hashtags and quirky groups!

Recently, I came across an Instagram post by an old Flickr friend and I immediately caught the “corners of home” reference. It’s been years since I’ve thought about that hashtag and it sent me wandering around my own home with that thought in mind.

Never ending laundry piles. That hasn’t changed!

And my own little corner of the house filled with snail mail love from these women. They inspire me wholeheartedly! Garland, photos, notes, and artwork from around the globe.

Join me and play along! I’d love to see your “corners of home”!

~ Laura


  1. Oh gosh! I used to love flickr then it became too overwhelming when I started uploading my film photos and I stopped just as it changed to SmugMug. It’s sad how times change. πŸ™

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