East to West: A Hymn of Gratitude

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The night before, we set our alarms for an ungodly hour. Later, we crept out of the house, racing to the shore, hoping to catch the first light.

The light was already changing, waking the dark night, starting the transformation of everything in its path.

We got to the shore, and sighed at the low-hanging clouds. Had we missed it? Was it already come?

Then, there it was! It rose to meet us. Or rather, we had risen to meet it.

As the light danced on the waves, we marveled.


We had to be mindful of the time. We needed to pause during the day, and check the time.

When it was time, we raced to the shore. The light was already changing, turning itself into the gold that illuminated the world.

It seemed like we all held our breaths, as we watched the light recede once again.

As the light danced on the waves, we marveled.

And we offered up THANKS.

-Eyes wide open, Chinwe


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