Lovely November

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Here in the PNW most of the flashy fall colors are gone. The scrumptious reds, and bright, tangerine oranges have given up and fallen to the ground, and all we are left with are barren branches. But those dazzling yellows are still hanging on.

November is know for her glorious afternoon sun just begging for long walks. Surrounded by golden leaves, the dog and I wander a new path dabbled in afternoon light. We start out along the lake but are soon drawn deeper into the woods, where the light begs to be seen. 

As a teacher, fall often slipped off my radar, but today it is just about my favorite season to be out in and capture. And fall is definitely Baker’s best season as it brings out the beauty in his coat.

Darkness begins to descend upon us by mid-afternoon and we head home to seek comfort inside, where my husband has started a fire. I chop vegetables for soup while the dog naps. Both of us content.

“My lovely November,
Have you seen my heart, somewhere in your castle of yellow leaves?”
― A Waltz for Zizi



  1. these are so beautiful cathy. i’ve been out a lot this november, but not in the woods – i think i’ve missed out on some of these yellows!!

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