The Getaway

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I think I belong in the woods. I actually think we all do. I actually think we’ve detached ourselves so far from nature that it’s slowly killing us.

Dramatics aside, this year I did not spend enough time outside. I can feel the lack of fresh air in bones. I did not sleep enough in my hammock. I didn’t hike enough mountain trails. I didn’t stare enough at the stars. I feel so disconnected from the really real life that is outside the walls of my business, my home, and my routine.

But because it was so rare I feel so grateful for the very few opportunities I did have.

This beautiful tiny-house cabin was my home for my only camping trip of the year. Usually I hike a mountain, put up my hammock, and sleep under the stars, but for this vacation I opted to stay in slightly more luxurious accommodations. Instead of pushing myself like I usually do, I wanted to take some time to slow down, to breathe deep, and to reconnect with myself.

Everything felt slower here. Food tasted better. The nights rolled in peacefully and the days crept in with dots of dancing light around the cabin. I drank warm tea and watched my camping partner cook us breakfast and dinner. I listened to live music by a campfire and made smores. I napped in my hammock. I hiked a mountain and we stopped at the best overlooks on Skyline drive. And although it was only a few days, I felt every bit of anxiety and stress wash away. I felt refreshed and renewed. I felt reconnected to the really real life that exists out there beyond the walls we’ve built.

Sometimes you just have to get away.

Much love,

Jenny the Time Traveling Pirate

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