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If you know me at all, you know I love a good bus stop. I adore public transportation with the exception of flying….and even then I can entertain myself. There’s so much you learn along the way from Point A to Point B. Some of it’s joyful and some of it will break your heart. Sometimes you’ll have your faith in humanity reaffirmed and sometimes you’ll just feel grateful for your place in this world. You’ll continually learn more about your city and it’s citizens.

I love all the lines and colors. I love the way the light and shadow play.

There’s an abundance of humanity at each stop. I appreciate them all. I listen and I wonder. Where are they going? What’s their story? If you listen long enough, you’ll learn you have things in common with each rider.

Today was my first time on the Red Line IndyGo Bus and I fumbled a bit at the ticket machine until a kind individual helped me. I recognized a similar story out my window at the Meridian-38th Street Stop. It can feel vulnerable to try something new. Thank goodness for the helpers!

I like the way the windows frame a story and I enjoy watching that story unfold.

Some days I’m in a black and white mood and some days I see only color. Occasionally, I look for both and I notice how the story feels differently to me.

When I begin to zone out of the surrounding conversation, I notice reflections everywhere. It feels otherworldly to me; meditative.

We’re all waiting, aren’t we? I think so. How do you spend that time? Are you a lover of public transportation? I’d love to hear your stories.

~ Laura


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